Creating a space where women are not just users but active contributors in shaping the future of global finance.

Who We Are

Have you ever wondered who the world’s first female stockbroker was? Meet Victoria Woodhull, the woman who broke barriers in the 19th century. Fast forward to today, the East African Women in DeFi movement is channeling that same spirit of breaking barriers and fostering financial inclusion. We are not just talking about finance; we're talking about a movement that makes finance accessible and empowering for all women. By tokenizing women's social, intellectual, and economic capital, we are creating value for their contributions.

Women in DeFi and Actuate

Actuate is at the forefront of empowering women through education by equipping them with the knowledge necessary to navigate DeFi. The Actuate Foundation believes that empowering women in DeFi goes beyond financial transactions. It involves equipping them with the tools necessary for trans-formative change that can improve the overall well-being of families, communities, and future generations.

How Women In DeFi Works

In the Actuate Learn to Earn program, education is not only an empowering tool but also a gateway to financial inclusion. Through this innovative initiative, attendees are rewarded with Actuate tokens for participating in lessons. Remarkably, about 40% of these learners are women, illustrating their eagerness to engage and grow.

Social connections and networks hold immense value. Tokenizing social capital involves recognizing and leveraging these connections. For women, this means validating their roles in community support systems, acknowledging their influence, and providing them with tangible assets based on these relationships within the DeFi ecosystem.

Intellectual prowess is a form of capital often undervalued. DeFi seeks to change that narrative by tokenizing women's intellectual contributions. Whether it's traditional wisdom, expertise in crafts, or modern skill sets, tokenizing intellectual capital acknowledges and rewards their knowledge within the decentralized economy.

The products of labor represent tangible outcomes of hard work. In East Africa, women contribute significantly to various industries. Tokenization ensures that the fruits of their labor are recognized, providing them with financial assets representing the value of their work within the DeFi framework.

Why Women in DeFi

Women's Crucial Role in Society

In Africa, women play a critical role in driving social progress. They not only manage households but also contribute significantly to economic activities, often in informal sectors. Yet, despite their invaluable contributions, a staggering statistic persists: over 60% of women remain unbanked, facing obstacles in accessing financial tools and resources.

The Health Connection

Women are custodians of One health. The link between women's health and societal well-being is profound. For a baby to be born healthy, the mother's well-being is pivotal. Financial empowerment becomes a catalyst for this well-being, enabling women to afford nutritious diets, access healthcare services, and create an environment conducive to a healthy pregnancy and upbringing.

Empowering women financially becomes a pivotal step in disease prevention. With resources at their disposal, women can invest in better animal healthcare, improved cooking facilities, and hygienic practices, reducing the risk of disease transmission.

Environmental Stewardship and Education

Financially empowered women can invest in better sanitation, cleaner water sources, and improved housing conditions. This doesn't just enhance the immediate living conditions; it also contributes to long-term environmental sustainability and community health. Financial empowerment also opens doors to education for women and their children. With access to resources, women can ensure their children receive quality education, breaking generational cycles of poverty and fostering a more prosperous society.


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