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what is actuate?

Actuate is a pioneering blockchain platform meticulously designed to catalyze the translation and commercialization of scientific knowledge, particularly in the realm of biomedicine, across Africa.This project, built on the Ethereum network, aspires to empower local individuals, universities, and research organizations by facilitating the transformation of their tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.

Actuate Pre – Boston Summit, scheduled for December 3rd-6th, 2024, in Nairobi, is the precursor for Actuate Premier Summit to be held in Boston July 27 – 31,2025.

As we approach the Nairobi Summit, this book serves as a beacon, guiding us towards a future where health and wealth are accessible to all, powered by the synergy of blockchain technology and human ingenuity. Join us in this pivotal moment and be part of the change that Actuate Biomedicine promises to bring to Africa and beyond. 

Getting started

Step 1: Create a wallet

Go to your app store and download a wallet that supports the BNB Chain, which is the blockchain where ACT is issued. Some popular

wallets that support the BNB Chain are Metamask and Trust Wallet.

Step 2: Swap

Swap ACT from Pancake Swap. Swapping ACT on PancakeSwap is very easy and it helps you get Actuate tokens directly from the market.

 Click here to see the steps on how to swap. Click here to swap.

Step 3: Create Liquidity

Create Actuate Liquidity pools and earn passive income Creating liquidity. By creating liquidity you benefit in two ways. You earn fees from liquidity pool transactions and you gain when the price of Actuate appreciate in price.

We're thrilled to announce the Actuate Premier Summit that will happen from 27th to 31st July 2025 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The event will focus on the intersection of Blockchain, DeFi, Global Health and Human Development.

Join Learn to earn programS

We have created Learn to Earn Actuate Crypto Programs which runs from Monday through Saturday at 8-9:30pm.This initiative is designed to empower you with knowledge about Actuate, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, decentralized exchanges, liquidity pools, swapping, and general cryptocurrency trading. By participating in this program, you’ll not only gain valuable insights into the world of blockchain but also earn Actuate tokens (ACT) that you can use, hold or trade.


Welcome to Actuate Nation

Join Actuate Nation to be a part of a transformative process that bridges gaps and empowers communities. Actuate goes beyond being just a cryptocurrency; it is a tool for positive change. 

By joining, you contribute to making knowledge accessible and practical for everyone, supporting local individuals, universities, and research organizations.

Ethereum blockchain

At the heart of Actuate lies the Ethereum blockchain, a robust and secure distributed ledger technology. The Actuate blockchain acts through Ethereum underlying infrastructure that enables transparent and immutable record-keeping of transactions and interactions within the ecosystem. 


Actuate Tokens

Actuate has two distinct tokens that play pivotal roles in the ecosystem: Actuate Crypto and Actuate SBT. These tokens are instrumental in incentivizing participation, promoting governance, and facilitating value exchange within the Actuate community