Actuate Pre-Boston

Nairobi Summit 

3rd - 6th December 2024


Using Blockchain, DeFi and AI to Improve Health and Human Development

Venue: Kenyatta University

Purpose of the summit

To gather stakeholders of blockchain, DeFi, health and human development in Africa to discuss how blockchain and DeFi  produce health and human development.

The summit is a testament to Actuate Biomedicine's commitment to catalyzing positive change by leveraging the transformative potential of blockchain and DEFI in the realms of health and human development. Participants will engage in presentations on effect of decentralized finance on health and human development.

Why Attend


It will be a platform for stakeholders to network, collaborate, and explore potential synergies in advancing the shared goals of improving healthcare access, fostering environmental sustainability, and promoting mental health awareness.

Learn about the Boston Premier Summit

You will learn and understand all the details of the mega summit that will be held on July 2025 in Boston, Massachusetts in USA. You will also understand the vital role of local nationals in contributing to global health advancements.

Learn about Actuate's Initiatives

You will learn about Actuate's initiatives and advancements in 10 critical faucets; health access hub, environmental health, mental health, water project, E.A Women in DeFi, translation and commercialization efforts by  Actuate Biomedical Knowledge Translation, Actuate Science Mathematic Engineering and Technology, and Actuate Water Project.



Join us for a groundbreaking conference exploring the intersection of cutting-edge technology and social good. This event brings together leading experts to delve into how Blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) can address critical challenges in healthcare and human development.


Showcase your innovations and connect with a dedicated audience at the leading event on Blockchain and DeFi for Health and Human Development. 


The Actuate Pre-Boston Nairobi Summit   presents a unique opportunity to share your knowledge and insights with a forward-thinking audience. This December event brings together leading minds from healthcare, blockchain, DeFi, and development to explore the transformative potential of these emerging technologies. 


The Actuate Pre-Boston Nairobi Summit brings together leading minds to explore the potential of Blockchain and DeFi in revolutionizing critical aspects of healthcare and development.  We invite forward-thinking organizations to partner with us as sponsors and contribute to shaping a healthier and more equitable future. 

Unlocking Healthcare's Future:  Actuate Pre-Boston Nairobi Summit

What to expect in the Actuate Pre-Boston Nairobi Summit


The Nairobi Actuate Summit has been designed to cater to a diverse and influential audience. Our primary aim is to bring together professionals, researchers, and stakeholders who play pivotal roles in the global health landscape, particularly those with a keen interest in the intersection of blockchain, DEFI, and healthcare advancements.

Professionals in Biomedicine and Healthcare

Medical practitioners, researchers, and professionals directly involved in the biomedical and healthcare sectors.

Local Nationals of Developing Countries

Individuals from developing countries with a vested interest in improving local healthcare and human development.

Diaspora Communities

Members of diaspora communities, especially those with a background in healthcare, technology, and finance.

Local Businesses in Africa

Representatives from prominent local businesses, enterprises invested in corporate social responsibility.

Global Businesses

Executives and representatives from global corporations such as Del Monte, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, and other multinational companies.

Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

Representatives from charitable organizations with a focus on health, human development, and technological innovation.

International Organizations

Key decision-makers and representatives from international bodies such as UNEP, UNDP, UNICEF, who are actively engaged in global health and development initiatives.

Government Entities

Representatives from government bodies, including the Kenyan Government, U.S government, Department of Commerce, and Department of State, showcasing the governmental interest and support for innovative healthcare solutions.

Educational Organizations

Academicians, researchers, and students from universities with a focus on health (mental health, environmental health, public health), biomedical studies, blockchain technology, and DEFI.