Actuate Biomedicine's partnership with The Mount Kenya University (MKU) students.

About the partnership

Actuate Environment by Blockchain, showcases Actuate Biomedicine's partnership with The Mount Kenya University (MKU) students. This collaborative effort is dedicated to leveraging blockchain technology for environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Through this faucet, students at MKU actively engage in projects aimed at addressing environmental challenges, such as waste management, conservation of natural resources, and promoting eco-friendly practices. Actuate Biomedicine provides technical expertise and support, empowering students to implement innovative solutions that have a positive impact on the environment.


Participants in the Actuate environment by Blockchain faucet can benefit and become eligible to earn Actuate tokens through various activities and contributions within the ecosystem, including environmental initiatives. In addition to attending educational programs and providing valuable feedback, individuals can earn tokens by actively participating in activities that promote environmental sustainability and community well-being. This may include initiatives such as planting trees, participating in clean-up efforts, and promoting eco-friendly practices within the community.

Through these eco-conscious actions, participants not only earn Actuate tokens but also foster a sense of environmental stewardship and community responsibility within the Actuate ecosystem.

By incentivizing and rewarding such initiatives, Actuate encourages individuals to make a positive impact on both the environment and the community, creating a more sustainable and resilient future for all.
Together, they work towards building a greener and more sustainable future for communities in Kenya and beyond.