World Crypto Day

Actuate nation joined the world crypto day events and celebrations. World Crypto Day is a global celebration of the positive benefits of cryptocurrency held on January 3rd, each year.



Nairobi Red Cross Chapters

Actuate Biomedicine and Red Cross University Chapters join hands to launch a transformative initiative - the Red Cross Mental Health Drive. 



Actuate Water Project

It is a movement dedicated to transforming the way we manage our most precious resource: water. It is a ray of hope emerging from the dry ground to illuminate a future in which water is not a pipe dream but rather a shared reality that is valued and owned by all.

Mount Kenya University  students

Actuate Environment by Blockchain, showcases Actuate Biomedicine's partnership with The Mount Kenya University students. This collaborative effort is dedicated to leveraging blockchain technology for environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Kenyatta University Females Students in Science and Technology (KUFESST)

Actuate Students in Science and Technology is a vibrant community dedicated to bridging the gap between academic excellence and real-world impact. The community is managed by Actuate Biomedicine in collaboration with Kenyatta University Females Students in Science and Technology (KUFESST).

Kenyatta University Medical Research Club (KUMREC)

Actuate Biomedicine collaborates with Kenyatta University Medical Research Club (KUMREC). This collaborative effort promises to commercialize groundbreaking biomedical ideas thereby addressing real-world health challenges.

Explore our faucet 

Dive into the heart of the Actuate Ecosystem with our vibrant animations and insightful narration. Explore how each faucet, from empowering East African Women in DeFi to fostering sustainability through the Environmental Club, contributes to our community's growth and well-being. Learn about pivotal sinks like Liquidity Pools and Health Risk Pools, ensuring the smooth flow and resilience of our decentralized financial ecosystem.