Actuate Premier Summit 

July 2025 

Boston, Massachusetts


Blockchain and DeFi for Global Health and Human Development

Event's Date and Location

Actuate Premier Summit will happen from 27th to 31st July 2025 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 

What to expect


The Actuate Premier Summit is reserving spaces for a diverse array of stakeholders in global health and human development. Below is an overview of the distinguished groups that will be represented at the summit;

1.Government Representatives

USA Trade and Development Agency (TDA), Governor of Massachusetts, Kenya Government, African governments 

2.International Organizations

World Trade Organization, United Nations (including UNEP, UNICEF, IFAD), World Health Organization, UNESCO, and the Food and Agriculture Organization

3. Business Sector

Internet Business( Ethereum Network, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Binance, and others), 

 Traditional Business (Safaricom, CocaCola, Kenya Airways, KEPSA, and others.)

Non-Profit Organizations (Inua Dada, Akili Dada and others)

4. Diaspora Communities

To bridge global and local perspectives, leveraging diaspora networks for investment, knowledge exchange, and support of development initiatives in their countries of origin.

5. Local Kenyans

To ensure the inclusion of local voices and experiences, providing insights into the community needs and responses to health and development programs.

6.Academic and Research Contributors

Universities and Research Institutions will share the latest findings, innovations, and theoretical frameworks that can inform practical strategies for health and human development.