Actuate and Healthcare

How will actuate biomedicine bring transformation to the health care sector?

Kenya's healthcare challenges are daunting. The public system grapples with underfunding, staff shortages, and resource deficits, leading to subpar services and prolonged wait times. Meanwhile, the private sector remains a costly enigma for most Kenyans. Counterfeit medication compounds the crisis, endangering patient safety. This crisis hits hardest at expectant mothers, new mothers, and young children.

Shocking statistics from the World Health Organization reveal the urgency. In 2020, approximately 287,000 women tragically lost their lives during and after pregnancy and childbirth. Shockingly, nearly 95% of these maternal deaths occurred in low and lower middle-income countries. Kenya and Africa needs a comprehensive healthcare overhaul - increased funding, broader accessibility, enhanced quality, and accountability mechanisms.

Actuate's cutting-edge blockchain platform holds the promise of transformative solutions. Tailored for Africa, it accelerates the dissemination and commercialization of biomedical knowledge. Actuate ensures transparent, secure, and accessible exchange of critical medical information. This technology has the power to reshape healthcare in Kenya, bridging gaps and brightening the nation's health landscape.

Imagine going to the hospital for a leg surgery, only to wake up and find out that the wrong leg was amputated. This is what happened to a patient at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2021. The shocking incident sparked outrage and raised questions about the quality and safety of health care in Kenya and Africa. But what if there was a way to prevent such medical errors and improve health outcomes for millions of people? This is where Actuate comes in.

Actuate is a revolutionary technology that uses artificial intelligence and blockchain to create a secure, transparent and efficient health care system2. Actuate enables doctors to access accurate and up-to-date patient records, verify prescriptions and diagnoses, monitor vital signs and perform remote consultations. Actuate also empowers patients to own and control their health data, access affordable and quality health care, and participate in research and innovation.

Will actuate biomedicine improve the already existing herbal medicine in Africa?

Yes, we have so many untapped local resources and medical products including herbal medicine. Actuate biomedicine aims at discovering these available resources, commercializing them and funding them.