Actuate and Women in DeFi

What is the relationship between Actuate biomedicine and E.A African women in DeFi?

E.A. Women in DeFi is a product of Actuate Biomedicine and it is at the forefront of empowering women through education by equipping them with the knowledge necessary to navigate DeFi. The Actuate Foundation believes that empowering women in DeFi goes beyond financial transactions. It involves equipping them with the tools necessary for trans-formative change that can improve the overall well-being of families, communities, and future generations.

What is E.A women in DeFi all about?

The East African Women in DeFi movement is channeling the spirit, breaking barriers and fostering financial inclusion. It is talking about a movement that makes finance accessible and empowering for all women. It will achieve this by tokenizing women's social, intellectual, and economic capital, Actuate is creating value for their contributions.

How can I join the community?

Visit our website and click the join us button in the top section of the page.