Actuate plans and goals

What is Actuate?

Actuate is a new and innovative blockchain platform whose main purpose is to facilitate the process of turning scientific knowledge, especially in the field of biomedicine into practical application and products. This project, built on the Ethereum network, aspires to empower individuals, universities, and research organizations globally by facilitating the transformation of their tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.

What is the Immediate Short-Term Goal?

To increase awareness of healthcare gaps we have in Africa, discover solutions, and implement strategies that improve global health.

What is Actuates Mission and Vision?


To be the leading blockchain platform that enables the discovery, translation, development and delivery of innovative scientific knowledge solutions for Africa and beyond.


To leverage the power of blockchain technology to facilitate the translation of scientific knowledge, data and resources among researchers, entrepreneurs and investors in the scientific sector.

What is Actuate Nation?

Actuate Nation is a vibrant community centered around Actuate, a groundbreaking blockchain platform with a mission to revolutionize scientific knowledge translation in Africa, particularly in the field of biomedicine. It serves as a dynamic space where knowledge intersects with innovation.

Why Join Actuate Nation?

Join Actuate Nation to be a part of a trans-formative process that bridges gaps and empowers communities. Actuate Nation is a community of innovators, visionaries, and changemakers who are passionate about advancing biomedicine in Africa and beyond. By joining the Actuate Nation, you can:

The Actuate Nation is more than just a community; it is a movement that aims to transform the way biomedicine is done and delivered. If you want to be a part of this movement, join the Actuate Nation today and discover the power of blockchain-driven biomedicine. Actuate goes beyond being just a cryptocurrency; it is a tool for positive change. By joining, you contribute to making knowledge accessible and practical for everyone, supporting local individuals, universities, and research organizations. Click on this link to join

Actuate Crypto (ERC20 Token)

 Actuate SBT(Non-fungible Soul BouNdToken)